Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avec Amour, by Beth

Beth, owner and designer for Avec Amour, first started her creative hobby as a way to give gifts to her friends and family.  After finding some vintage lace at a fabric store her imagination ran wild with thoughts of dangly lace earrings, and Avec Amour was established.  Drawn to the classic feminine, time-less look of lace, Beth, ensures that each and every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.  She even goes as far as to name each one after the sister or girlfriend they remind her of.  What's great about these beauties is they give you the gorgeous, classy look of a dangly earring without feeling like you're carrying around an anchor on your ear.  Now that's something to scream about!  

Head on over to the Piper & Chloe Spring Showcase to grab a few of these fabulous finds.  Remember Mother's Day is just around the corner!!

To check out more of Avec Amour, by Beth visit her etsy shop HERE and her blog HERE

Piper & Chloe Spring Showcase
April 13, 14

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