Wednesday, April 4, 2012

oh spring shopping. we can't wait!

Our families will attest to the fact that Piper & Chloe kind of takes over our lives in the few weeks before the show!!!

Right now, we are trying to spread the word about the showcase, and would love to enter you to win a $25 gift certificate to spend on whatever you like at the show, if you would help us do a little advertising...

Now. . . We only have two entries in the giveaway so far, so your chances are pretty darn good!!!  We are still debating over whether or not it is fair for us to enter. . .  We're leaning towards yes! :)  These are just a few things that are tempting us :)   

 oh throw pillows, how i love thee.  from liv.

i hope with all my heart these skirts come in grown-up sizes too.  i bet they do.  
from just be.

 i love these lace earrings.  i've never seen them before.  so original and pretty.  
from avec amour.

oh my i love this cute little thing.  from daisy sue.

a perfect solution for your overpopulation of stuffed animals. also from liv.

always love a little whimsy from adorable hollyhocks & honeybees.

Here's how to enter for the $25 gift certificate:

You could add a button to your blog sidebar (first entry.)  You can grab this one right here:

Or do a little blog post about us (second entry.)  You can grab the graphic at the top of our blog.

Or share us on facebook (third entry.)

Then just let us know right here by leaving one comment for each thing you did, waiting anxiously to hear if you are one of the winners!!!

Make sure to mark your calendars to join us friday, april 13th and saturday, april 14th for all kinds of delightful spring shopping! 

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